The Benefits and Strategies of Product Placement in Movies

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Brand positioning attempts to capture a place in the mind of the customer with its identity. It means that marketers try to put brands into the specific group of customers or into their minds in a very sophisticated way, to show them product with its differentiators and values. This is why the primary focus is placed on perceptions, and not on products.

  1. The research carried out so far regarding the product and brand placement showed a positive relationship between placement exposing and memory variables such as reminder and recognition.
  2. The product placement is quite achallenging way of advertisement because the product should look native in theenvironment and be in the right context.
  3. Video games attract marketers its possibility of product or brand placement in animated interactive imagery in the imaginary scenery.
  4. But not every brand can dedicate a full-time team, let alone a single team member, to aggressively pursue organic or paid product placement opportunities.
  5. Louis Vuitton claimed this scene to be offensive to the brand andsued Warner Bros.

An interesting strategy of brand positioning in the food market is positioning due to the use of the product in particular in the context of the search for new ways of its use. Often in such cases, the educational and promotional campaigns are conducted. This stems from the perception of the price from the consumers’ point of view through the prism of a quality and value of a product [61]. Consumers differ in terms of price they want to pay a brand relative to competing brands and the reaction to increase or decrease prices.

Anatomy of a Product Placement

Lastly, as movies transcend borders and captivate global audiences, product placement strategies must adapt to the impact of globalization. Lastly, brands need to be prepared to handle potential negative perceptions or backlash that may arise from audiences who are sensitive to overt advertising. Being mindful of these challenges and considerations is crucial for a successful product placement strategy in the dynamic world of movies. Our entertainment marketing survey results showed that 51% of viewers make cognizant decisions to purchase based on seeing a product in a TV show or feature film, driving consumer sales. Congrats, now you know why product placement is an effective marketing tool, its advantages, disadvantages and the main types. In some instances, product placement might be the only effective medium for brand awareness.

Just like how a bee pollinates flowers, product placement fertilizes people’s minds with images and sounds of products. These subtle cues can create lasting impressions on viewers, leading them to remember brands even after they’ve finished watching. One of the most effective product placement strategies is integrating products seamlessly into the storyline or setting.

Brand allows the identification of the product, ensuring the attributes that differentiate the brand from the other brands. Brands make the interpretation and information-organizing processes concerning the product easier [14]. The simplification of the decision-making process by the brand can organize a lot of information about a particular product, which simplifies the daily choices [15]. In product and brand placement idea, the Kapferer theory is adopted to point the relationship between product and brand [13].

Clear vs. Subtle Placement

Packaging is a part of the marketing activities in the field of brand building. Placing complete information on the package including logo and the manufacturer name increases the confidence in the producer and may be an important driving factor to make the repurchase. The attractiveness of the packaging also affects the assessment of the perceived quality of the product and brand. Consumers convey the impressions package made to assess the quality of a product [60]. In the literature, the brand is seen as a promise of added value and a unique experience that stakeholders, including consumers, may experience for a long period of time [6, 7].

For the items to have a lasting effect, they must be prominently featured in the material to the extent that they draw attention to themselves without taking centre stage over the main story. Reaching this fine balance can lead to increased recognition and recall for your brand. Utilizing emotional connections and character associations can create a lasting impact, making the product memorable and resonating with the audience on a deeper level. Collaboration with filmmakers is essential, as it allows brands to align their products with the film’s theme and tone.

Online Content and Music Videos

The powerhouse brand has spent more than 70 years placing its products, logos and merchandise on the big screen. The Coca-Cola brand can be found in everything from 1946’s It’s a Wonderful Life to 2019’s Stranger Things. When it comes to brand awareness, you can’t argue that Coca-Cola’s product placement efforts haven’t moved the needle. Additionally, with the rise of streaming platforms and online content, new opportunities for product placement are emerging. Brands can now reach audiences through on-demand services, web series, and social media tie-ins, expanding their reach and engagement.

Why is product placement an effective marketing tool?

In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores the importance and relevancy of product placement and what strategies to take to drive success in films. Knowing who the people that run your local film and television industry are is key if you’re looking to get product placements. Get to know who the people behind the camera are, from the directors, to the set designers, producers, etc. You should also get to know local talent and reach out to film bureaus.

This form of product placement refers to when a brand or its products become a part of a show to a point where they contribute significantly to the storyline while creating brand awareness. It is usually common in unscripted reality TV shows, but can also be found in scripted TV shows. A great example is restaurant chain Shoney’s appearing frequently in the popular adult cartoon Rick and Morty. For really successful product placement producers need to walk a fine line of the audience seeing and recognising the brand enough but without becoming annoyed by it. The main aim of a product placement is to position the brand being advertised in a positive light.

A strong brand influences consumer behavior and consumer decision-making process, thus determining the reception of marketing activity [59]. When Adidas decided to increase sales for boxers, they promoted their products in the film „Southpaw.“ It is about professional boxer Billy Hope who wants to get his life back on track. We constantly see Adidas products in the movie, such as shorts, suits, sneakers, and headphones. Generally, viewers can see the Adidas logo for 23% of the screen time. Product placement is a form of native advertising in which brands place their goods or services into different types of content that target a large audience. It can directly demonstrate a product, its logo, or mention the product in the context.

Converse often appears in different movies,from Harry Potter to I, Robot. This was a creative way for a news publisher to receive revenue in a time of declining newspaper sales, and it also helped Netflic advertise the new season of their show while promoting a social cause to the audience. Ultimately, building trust with an audience requires being transparent about advertising practices while ensuring that viewers understand what they are watching. A lack of media literacy on the part of viewers may make it difficult for them to differentiate between genuine recommendations versus paid promotions. There is always a concern about misleading audiences, which can lead to consumer distrust and loss of credibility for the brand.

Brand Recognition

Pelotone, exercise equipment, and the media company claimed they knew that their product was supposed to appear in the new episode “And just like that…”, but they didn’t expect the demise of the main character. Also, The Pelotone confirmed that advantages of product placement the product placement wasn’t paid. Although the company coordinated the product placement, HBO didn’t announce the plot in advance because of “confidentiality reasons”. This case clearly represents when the product placement can go wrong.

When done correctly, viewers may not even realize they are being marketed to. In conclusion, product placement becomes a sophisticated and effective tactic in contemporary advertising. Products can be smoothly incorporated into a variety of media storylines to promote brands in an unobtrusive but efficient manner, building credibility and authenticity in the process.

All the examples of product placements above included huge conglomerates,   which may make this form of marketing seem out of palace for your small business. The truth is, you don’t have to spend huge sums of money (or any money at all) to collaborate on product placements with local businesses. The increased competition about quality and price forces the company to take planned actions, ensuring their distinction and originality of the offering services. Jones noted that this can be tricky to pull off successfully given that it can be a kind of art to select what belongs onscreen in the first place, almost akin to a casting process for objects. According to BrandonGaille, 60% of people feel more positive about brands they recognize in films.

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