Win The 2023 Startup Taxes Game: A Full Tax Planning Guide

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tax software for cpa startup

This may include a credit check, a criminal background check, a tax compliance check and a check for previous non-compliance with IRS e-file requirements. And while you have many online tax software options for your business, you’ll want to choose one that’s user-friendly, inexpensive and provides quality customer service. You should select a product that also can help you find all the deductions you’re entitled to.

  • Founders often miss deadlines, deductions, and credits that result in lost money and in some cases, real consequences.
  • It is also known for providing several streamlined electronic filing features, including SecureFilePro.
  • With TaxSlayer, you can do your taxes online or with the TaxSlayer mobile app.
  • Peace-of-mind notice and audit assistance from a team of expert EA and CPA case resolution specialists, and identity theft restoration services.
  • As one of the largest tech startup accounting firms, Kruze has expertise in serving SaaS companies, biotech companies, eCommerce players, early-stage hardware businesses, crypto focused companies, marketplaces and more.

It’s officially tax season, and while you technically have until April 15 to file your tax returns, the time is now to hone your strategy. The author, a certified public accountant (CPA) with more than 20 years of taxation experience, completed all tax software testing by opening accounts with each provider to perform hands-on evaluations. While tax software can range in price, if you have a simple tax return—maybe with only one W-2 and few deductions—in many cases you can file for free. Jackson Hewitt offers phone support, but its representatives only answer product questions and don’t offer any tax advice.

Liberty Tax 2024 (Tax Year

Ease of use, cost, technical assistance and customer service are four broad areas to look at when choosing the best platform for you. When taxes are due, choosing good tax software can ease your burden. Additionally, by helping you maintain accurate records for your business year-round, all the legwork is done by the time tax season comes around. Whenever startup cpa you send sensitive information over a network you don’t control, you should be concerned. Since taxes are nothing but sensitive data, you ought to be doubly concerned if you’re filing from a coffee shop, say, or the airport. It used to be the case that you could basically only file a 1040EZ from a mobile device, but that’s no longer true.

Despite those changes, the best tax prep and filing services still try to get you the biggest refund possible. We test the self-employment versions of tax software to find out which ones are the best since so many people have taken on side gigs or are otherwise running their own businesses. Some business owners delay hiring a CPA to keep their costs down, but investing in the right one will be well worth the cost. If you have accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, or Bench (that’s us!), already in place, check that your prospective CPA knows how to use them. A finance toolkit for a SaaS startup looks different than that of a mobile app business, for example.

Professional tax software for preparers

If you’re familiar with tax forms, you’ll probably recognize the path the tax site follows. Personal information comes first, and then you move on to income, deductions, credits, health insurance status, and taxes paid. After you’ve exhausted all the topics that apply to you, the site reviews your return and highlights potential errors or omissions that might affect your refund. If you’ve never tried using online tax services, there are three reasons this year is a good time to start.

  • TurboTax’s software feels like an interview with a tax preparer who knows just what to ask and how best to guide you.
  • Basic is just that, for those with the simplest of tax affairs to sort, so unlikely to be of appeal to SMBs.
  • CPAs may offer a greater range of accounting services and can take on a more advisory or strategic role in your startup’s finances.
  • A Deluxe+ package delivers everything in the free edition plus more besides.
  • Cash basis accounting involves recording revenue when cash is received for a sale and expenses when they are paid.

Furthermore, it is not recommended for businesses with staff or plans for expansion. In fact, even after you secure funding for your startup, you will need these numbers to report the financial performance of your company to investors. While many startup founders choose to hire an accountant, it is possible to do accounting yourself or by using accounting services. Online tax software also gives you an option to pay any taxes owed or receive your tax refund electronically.

How can you tell if your accountant is doing cash or accrual accounting?

QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors can try ProConnect for free and not pay until the return is filed. Its powerful software can prepare returns for Forms 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 990, and 709. Its biggest drawback is the pay-per-return option is expensive for firms that need more than 200 total returns or 50 business returns. It can prepare the moderately complex returns that the vast majority of preparers encounter for a lower cost than top-of-the-line software like Lacerte.

  • At the same time, getting someone to check things over in person is even more beneficial in some cases.
  • They should also have knowledge of your internal operations and other nuances to help reduce your tax liabilities or mistakes that could trigger an IRS audit.
  • This online-only option currently comes in three different packages, with a Free Basic being only suitable for standard W-2 income affairs.
  • There are several add-ons that allow you to customize the software based on your needs, including payment acceptance and practice management features.
  • Tax compliance is a subset of due diligence, and your accountant can help you explain to the VC fund or the acquirer that you have followed all federal and local rules and regulations.

Nevertheless, if you’re prepared to take on those compromises then Liberty Tax is another option to consider, especially if some face-to-face assistance is likely to be required along the way. Given that some issues with tax filing can be complex to explain, being able to talk things through in a real-world environment makes this support aspect of the Jackson Hewitt Online experience particularly practical. TurboTax – best deals on this potent tax package
You might need to spend a little more on tax package but that’s because it comes with everything you need to stay of top of tax filing duties. Get started for free and tailor a package to suit your own needs using the TurboTax deal picker. Adding on filing options for schedules 1, 2 and 3 means H&R Block lets you cover a host of other tax bases too.

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